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Jorn Verhelst

The car group Cardoen is renowned as a new and second-hand car dealer with spacious showrooms across Belgium. In recent years, the company has mainly focused on opening several new branches in Wallonia. Since its takeover by the French company, a daughter company of Stellantis, online sales have also risen sharply.

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Aurore Thys

SERIS refers to itself as a Total Security Concept Provider. Justifiably so, when you look at the wide range of security solutions it offers: from technology for social distancing and fire detection to security for buildings, people and events, security training and much more besides. SERIS offers total security solutions for companies, government institutions and individuals.

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Daniel Florêncio

From 2 ambitious founders in 2014 to 22 stores and over 160 employees in 2021, that is, in a nutshell, the success story of Portuguese footwear retailer KICKS. The initial ambition of opening ten stores in ten years’ time has grown with the company’s size: KICKS now wants to become the market leader in Portugal, and already aims for an international expansion.

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Florence Santens

‘Everybody deserves a great place to live’. With this philosophy in mind, Matexi has spent the past 75 years building and selling liveable homes in pleasant environments. From ’t Groen Kwartier in Antwerp and the Lamot site in Mechelen to the Vier Fonteinen project in Vilvoorde, examples of Matexi's contribution to a better quality of life in neighbourhoods and cities can be found all over Flanders. 

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Rita Silva

Lactogal is a Portuguese food company that specialises in dairy products, milk, fruit juice and mineral water. With its head office in Porto, the company has large factories in Oliveira de Azeméis and Vila do Conde. Lactogal is one of the 20 largest European agrifood companies and continues to grow steadily on the European market.

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Brussels Airlines

Karen Renaer

Brussels Airlines – the Belgian national airline – connects the European capital with more than 80 different destinations, including 17 in Africa. With over 4,000 employees and almost 50 aircraft of its own, Brussels Airlines transports more than 10 million passengers a year. The airline strives for the highest quality at an affordable price and positions itself as an ideal ambassador for Belgium.

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Leïla Mourali

The Brussels-based law firm Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick – Liedekerke for short – hires about 50 new staff members each year: 20 lawyers, 20 students, and 10 new support staff members. To successfully complete all these recruitment processes, the HR team is glad it can count on the services of CVWarehouse.

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Ana Margarida Castelo

Recheio, part of Jerónimo Martins, is Portugal's largest cash & carry chain with 39 stores and around 2,200 employees. The company specialises in fresh food, strong brands and excellent service to professionals. Every year, the chain recruits no fewer than 200 new employees. And, since 2018, it has done so with more structure, better communication with the candidates and an effective follow-up of the KPIs. “It was certainly necessary,” says Ana Margarida Castelo, HR Manager at Recheio. “In the past, everything went through manual placements via job boards and applications with complicated forms that were submitted by email. We didn't have a waterproof system. On the contrary, our recruitment process was extremely leaky and kept both us and the candidates in the dark.”

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Valérie Bauffe

Cement, granulate and concrete manufacturer CCB is fully immersed in a digitisation phase. The company wants to have a strong presence on the online labour market and thereby consign its stuffy image to the past. It also seeks to streamline its recruitment process. That's why, at the start of 2019, it embarked on a partnership with CVWarehouse. The initial impressions are very positive.

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Lunch Garden

Marleen Van Daele

In the past, restaurant chain Lunch Garden had the reputation of being very outdated. However, in recent years, the company has undergone a major transformation. It is once again enjoying strong growth, and has developed new restaurant concepts. The result is a major recruitment drive. CVWarehouse is helping Lunch Garden efficiently organise the recruitment process.

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Hi Fly

Frederico Marques

Portuguese aircraft wet lease specialist Hi Fly is constantly looking for new employees. Each quarter, they recruit about 50 new cabin crew members and at any given time there are 20 to 25 different job openings at the same time. Since a few months, Hi Fly relies on CVWarehouse to help them manage their recruitment process.

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Ubiway Retail

Vicky De Roo

Finding candidates who want to run their own shop on a self-employed basis is the challenging task faced by Ubiway Retail, the company behind Press Shop, Relay, Hubiz and the Hello! shops. New shops open regularly, meaning that the quest for managers is never-ending. This is why Ubiway Retail was looking for a way to work more efficiently, keep track of everything and generate simple reporting. Ubiway Retail found all of this at CVWarehouse.

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Kathleen Dekeirel

High-quality patient care and ground-breaking scientific research: this is what Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) stands for. With approximately 3,000 employees and 5,000 job applications received in 2017, UZA’s HR team certainly has its work cut out. CVWarehouse ensures that the HR staff can manage all job openings and applications quickly, efficiently and in a transparent manner.

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Bart De Vlieger

Rekruut is a reliable recruitment partner, providing solutions for positions in IT, finance, HR, engineering, logistics and research. Companies searching for talent are not offered just any random selection of candidates. Each company has its own context, character and working methods. Rekruut therefore swears by a customised search for optimum results. 

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Kathleen Dupont

For Agidens, a growing international engineering and automation company, the search for engineers never stops. With a presence in six countries and an enormous stream of projects, recruitment is happening at a relentless pace. To meet the constant demand for new employees, Agidens is looking both in Belgium and abroad. In this context, how does the business maintain a global overview and at the same time have a pool of candidates?
This is where CVWarehouse comes in.

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AZ Herentals

Wim Gys

A hospital in full renovation and expansion often has a lot of challenges, not the least in terms of recruitment. When AZ Herentals was transformed in 2010, from an OCMW (social service) hospital to a VZW (non-profit organization), they started out with a clear vision. Professionally handling its Human Resources department, using only technology was the goal.

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Julie Spaey

For around 40 years, Casa has been regarded as the place to find decorative and functional items for the home. The chain store’s mission is to prioritise that homely feeling, which also means that the company’s 3,100 employees in eight European countries must feel equally at home working for Casa. In the spring of 2016, Casa set up an international HR department. Why? To standardise all the HR processes. In terms of recruitment and selection, the introduction of CVWarehouse means a huge increase in professionalism.

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Karel de Grote

Peggy Saey

Karel de Grote University College is one of the largest university colleges in Belgium, and even the largest one in Antwerp, with more than 12,000 students at 9 different campuses. 1,235 employees – or 881 full time equivalents – are responsible for the realization of a varied and qualitative educational offer. Because the university college hires more than 100 people per year, the integrated and user-friendly recruitment tool of CVWarehouse is definitely an added value.

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Ines Pina Pereira

WeDo is a market-leading software company in a niche market. The company makes integrated tools for revenue assurance and fraud management. Or in human language: WeDo customers have nothing to worry about when they are dealing with financial transactions and security. We can quite imagine that WeDo feels at home with a partner that also offers integrated solutions – except that we are in the HR field.

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Willemen Groep

Ivan Malfliet

Willemen Group is a Belgian family-owned construction group that operates internationally. The Group has grown exponentially in recent years, partly due to the take-over of contractors like Franki (1998), Cosimco (2005), De Waal Group (2005), road-builders Aswebo (2011) and Van Wellen Contractors (2014). The group is headed by father Johan and son Tom Willemen.

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Olga Sakellarides

The Portuguese company NOS was formed in 2014 following the merger of two major telecom providers and is the country’s third-largest provider of satellite and cable TV, mobile telephony and internet. NOS keeps on growing: in 2015, the company had over 4 million mobile customers, a market share of 29% and profits of 83 million euros. NOS does not cater only to private individuals: it also provides companies with a full range of telecom and ICT services. The SME business unit at NOS has been working with CVWarehouse since 2015 and their collaboration is already bearing fruit.

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Kinepolis Group

Martine Kestens

The Kinepolis Group’s network of cinemas in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland offer modern entertainment to all generations. Spanning across 5 countries, the group of 23 cinema complexes, consist of 317 rooms and attracted 21.3 million visitors in 2011.

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Sabine Gekiere

At the end of February, CVWarehouse customer McDonald’s Belgium was chosen by the Vlerick Management School as “Best Workplace” of the year. That provoked a lot of reactions, both positive and negative. The ideal opportunity to take a closer look at the company’s HR policy – and “McJobs”.

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Silvia Hesseling

ZNA, the Antwerp Hospital Network, employs 7,000 people, including 2,650 nurses, 550 caretakers and around 600 doctors. Every day, about 7,000 patients come through the doors. With over a million consultations, lab tests and medical imaging sessions and about 75,000 admissions per year, ZNA is the largest health care provider in Belgium. This workload is also perceptible in the HR department.

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Martine Kestens

Kinepolis Group offers an innovative cinema concept via its European network of cinemas which serve as a model within the sector. In total, the group has 35 cinemas, spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland. Each year, the group provides over 20 million cinema-goers with an unforgettable film experience.

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Inge Janssens

Experience@Work is an initiative by consultancy firm HazelHeartwood, AXA, KBC and Proximus. The idea behind it is as simple as it is brilliant: since we will all have to work longer, we need to ensure that everyone can stay healthy and motivated at work. And if possible, why not work to make a better world?

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