Zagope: optimizing the hiring processes while improving the employer brand

Zagope is an engineering and construction company headquartered in Porto Salvo, Portugal, and specializing in infrastructure and renewable energy projects. It operates across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, developing construction projects with discipline, innovation, safety, respect for the environment, and fully complying with local legislation in each market. This approach enables Zagope to accomplish major projects that improve the quality of life of millions of people.

Zagope takes great pride in its company culture, focusing on proximity and well-being. “There is a huge sense of belonging among our employees and a great affection for the company,” says Daniela Eleutério, responsible for Talent Acquisition at Zagope.


The challenge: keep up the high hiring rate and the attractive employer profile

Zagope is a company cherished and well-regarded ethically and professionally by its former and current employees. But despite this overall positive image, finding the right talent to fill all vacancies is still a considerable challenge. Mrs. Eleutério observes: “We recruit various types of professionals for our construction sites, from operatives to management and site management positions. We also recruit professionals for the corporate context who can come from any area, like finance, legal, purchasing, and HR. Depending on the job, recruiting for these positions has become very challenging, either because of the specific profile or changes in the labor market. Especially because the number of hires per year has grown to over 100.” 


With the growing number of vacancies, managing the recruitment process has become increasingly difficult. “We were coping with a combination of Excel files, network folders, and emails, lots of emails,” Mrs. Eleutério recalls. “This was not only inefficient and time-consuming, but it also made us look less attractive as a future employer because we could not follow up on all applications as promptly as we wanted to. It was time to find a professional solution based on our hiring needs.” 

CVWarehouse: checking all the requirement boxes

Zagope started its search for a powerful and flexible Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in February 2022. “The ideal recruitment platform is essential for managing ongoing processes and the candidate's life cycle. Not only does it allow you to monitor the candidate throughout the process and provide constant feedback, but it also allows you to organize a database of candidates for the future.”, emphasizes Mrs. Eleutério.

“We contacted four potential candidates, one of whom was CVWarehouse,” continues Mrs. Eleutério, “A colleague recommended them, so we added CVWarehouse to our list. And they met all our selection criteria - agile communication, excellent user experience, easy follow up on external consultants, and very competitive pricing – much better than the competition.”

Following this selection process, CVWarehouse started configuring the solution, and only two weeks later, in November 2022, the platform went live.

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“Thanks to CVWarehouse, we can quickly respond to any application or a candidate’s request. It made us even a more attractive employer for candidates.”

— Daniela Eleutério, responsible for Talent Acquisition

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The result: optimized processes and a more attractive employer profile

Since then, the platform has been living up to Zagope’s expectations in every way: “CVWarehouse allows us to manage our processes more efficiently, to centralize all relevant information, and to optimize our work. This is partly due to the smooth integration with the most popular employment sites, allowing us to post vacancies and process applications in no time and completely frictionless.”

Zagope’s efficiency and employer reputation have increased significantly: “Thanks to CVWarehouse, we can quickly respond to any application or a candidate’s request. It made us even a more attractive employer for candidates.”

Lastly, the excellent platform functionality comes with even better customer support; Mrs. Eleutério concludes: “We intend to maintain our partnership and eventually extend it to other markets where the team in Portugal does not exclusively manage recruitment processes. Because of the platform’s reliability and the excellent support of the CVWarehouse team, we know it is perfectly feasible. Yes, the future looks bright!”

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