Moongy: international ambitions and employee-centric strategy

Moongy is a conglomerate of over 40 companies active in 14 countries. They specialize in providing the right engineering and IT skills to their customers. Moongy’s around 7,000 employees allow their customers to innovate and improve their businesses, and take an important step towards the world of tomorrow.

Challenge: Moongy needed a robust and reliable recruiting platform to realize their massive recruitment ambitions

“Today, the Moongy Group consists of around 7,000 employees”, confirms Paulo Lopes, Digital Transformation Director at the Moongy Group, “but we have the explicit ambition to grow towards 10,000 employees within two years.” This growth of almost 50% will require a steady recruitment pace, smooth and reliable processes and robust technology to support all that, Paulo Lopes says: “IT and engineering talent is rather scarce, so we need excellent recruitment practices, in order to keep our candidates motivated and interested in working with us. Technology plays a crucial role in these processes, both for our internal optimization and for the best possible communication with the candidates. We needed a platform that could seamlessly integrate with our systems and optimize the processes and the communication with the candidates.”

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Supporting Moongy’s focus on candidates and employees

In the second half of 2021, the Moongy Group started looking for this recruitment technology partner, with the above clear selection criteria in mind. Paulo Lopes: “CVWarehouse proved to be the best at all criteria, so the selection was rather obvious. And it was followed by a smooth and fast implementation process, which reassured us for the first time that we had made the right choice. The CVWarehouse team are extremely capable and responsive, we feel fortunate to have them at hand whenever needed.”

By the spring of 2022, CVWarehouse was already in use in one of the group’s companies and other companies are following suit quickly. “It helps that CVWarehouse knows these recruitment markets very well”, remarks Paulo Lopes, “but equally important is their flexibility. The jobs of tomorrow are not even known today. So, we need a system that can quickly adapt to new requirements. And CVWarehouse has already proven to us that they can react flexibly when the situation calls for it. Meanwhile, they never forget that our communication with our candidates needs to be fast, simple and respectful. Their software allows us to do just that.” It reflects the Moongy Group’s focus on their employees, Paulo Lopes adds: “Everything revolves around our people. We want to see them happy, and provide them with the best care and training opportunities. We want our teams to be ready to embrace the future, and this starts with the recruitment process.”

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“CVWarehouse frees up our HR staff’s hands and minds, so they can focus on the human part of human resources.”

— Paulo Lopes, Digital Transformation Director at the Moongy Group

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Result: faster, smarter, and more collaborative recruiting processes

Since CVWarehouse has been put into use, large parts of the selection process have been automated, Paulo Lopes observes: “This is essential for us, because it allows our HR staff to focus on what’s really important: to get in touch with our employees and to provide what’s truly of value to them. Especially so, because we know that the software is extremely reliable for follow-up. Before CVWarehouse, we would lose track of a candidate once in a while. Now, every candidate gets personal and timely feedback, without our HR staff spending hours on opening emails, viewing attachments and replying using different systems. CVWarehouse frees up their hands and minds, so they can focus on the human part of human resources.”
CVWarehouse also allows the HR staff to work from home, as the software is fully cloud-based, Paulo Lopes adds: “This has enabled them to find a better work-life balance, because they can sometimes work from home, and thus arrange their professional and personal lives more efficiently. This adds to their job satisfaction and consequently to all employees’ happiness, which is often affected by HR initiatives.”

One solution for all companies

In autumn 2022, eight companies were already using CVWarehouse. “But we plan to roll out the software in every organization and in every country where we are active”, Paulo Lopes stresses, “It requires a certain amount of change management for each division before we can actually start implementing and using the solution, but we are confident that the next implementations will roll out as smoothly as the first eight. Especially because our HR staff always understands very quickly how using CVWarehouse will simplify their professional lives and allow them to focus even more on what they do best: engaging with our employees. And this will lead to an even better realization of our ambition: to attract the best talent in every market we operate in.”

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