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Vivalia is the cornerstone of healthcare for the communities of the province of Luxembourg and the south of Namur. It has always been committed to providing high quality care to the region's patients, systematically aiming for excellence rather than expansion. Daphné Lambert, Head of Recruitment and Selection at Vivalia, sums up this philosophy by saying: "We prefer quality to quantity. This approach does not, however, prevent Vivalia from being able to count on a large workforce of 3,800 agents or employees, more than 400 specialist doctors and 1,500 nurses. It manages some 42,000 admissions a year and runs several nursing homes and crèches. Its mission is based on key values such as expertise, professionalism, interdisciplinarity, a human touch, hospitality, respect and ethics

The challenge? Resorting to a limited pool of talent

Vivalia's recruitment department works around the clock. Responsible for filling all vacancies except nursing positions, the three recruiters are faced with the daunting task of managing an average of 150 vacancies a year. This relentless search for new staff places a heavy burden on their efforts to maintain the high standard of care for which Vivalia is known. This challenge is intensified by the diversity of the positions to be filled, ranging from specialist doctors and administrative staff to management and highly technical profiles. What's more, the bar is set very high, as Vivalia requires its candidates and employees to have technical mastery and personal excellence.

Many of the profiles sought fall into the category of shortage occupations, which are known to be difficult to fill due to a lack of skills. Furthermore, Vivalia's somewhat isolated location combined with its proximity to better-paid jobs in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg only intensifies the recruitment challenge. This context makes Daphné Lambert's observation truly poignant: "Every vacancy is a real challenge!

CVWarehouse, a strategic recruitment solution for Vivalia

Vivalia, an inter-municipal company dedicated to excellence, has recognised the urgent need to redefine its business processes, particularly when it comes to recruitment. Daphne Lambert reflects on past challenges, noting: "Our previous approach was somewhat disorganised and relied on a mixture of incoherent tools such as Word and email, delivering less than optimal productivity."

Wanting to find a simpler solution, Vivalia decided to go out to tender in 2021 to find a platform that could not only centralise recruitment data, but also improve process efficiency. CVWarehouse stood out from the other candidates thanks to its extensive experience with similar entities, demonstrating from the outset a willingness to tailor its services to Vivalia's unique requirements.

CVWarehouse's visionary approach is what really set them apart. Its platform not only meets today's needs, but is constantly evolving to meet future requirements. This ongoing fit convinced us to choose CVWarehouse without hesitation, and by early 2022, Vivalia had successfully integrated this transformation tool into its business

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“CVWarehouse's visionary approach is what really set them apart. Its platform not only meets today's needs, but is constantly evolving to meet future requirements ”

— Daphné Lambert, Head of Recruitment and Selection at Vivalia

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Streamlined recruitment, substantial efficiency gains for Vivalia.

The implementation of CVWarehouse has significantly transformed the recruitment landscape at Vivalia, delivering significant benefits to both the recruitment team and potential candidates. Daphné Lambert tells us: "Our recruitment activities have been revolutionised; our processes are now streamlined, our data is centralised and access to information is easier. The time saved is substantial: we work almost twice as fast as before.

The improvements don't stop at the recruitment team's workflow, as Daphné Lambert also sees a positive change in the candidate experience: "Previously, it took them up to thirty minutes to register and submit their details. Now, thanks to CVWarehouse, they can do it in just 5 to 10 minutes. This streamlined approach has not only simplified the application process, but also attracted a larger pool of candidates, by avoiding a lengthy registration process that acts as a deterrent.

In addition, the efficiencies gained through CVWarehouse have improved the quality of interaction between the recruitment team and candidates. "Our workload remains high, but the reduction in administrative redundancies such as duplicate entries on different platforms allows us to focus on improving communication, perfecting candidate engagement and optimising the whole recruitment experience for all parties involved," says Daphné Lambert. This strategic improvement in recruitment management is a key advantage in today's competitive job market: a smooth, user-friendly recruitment process is essential to attracting the best talent.

When asked what Vivalia plans to do in the near future, Daphné Lambert says that the intermunicipal company wants first and foremost to focus on existing functionalities rather than drawing up a long list of requests for new functions. "Our aim is to make full use of the platform's existing functions. We regularly receive updates to add new features, and we recognise the need to spend time mastering these optimisations. In short, our greatest wish is to devote as much time as we need to more effectively exploit the full potential of this absolutely extraordinary platform."

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