CVWarehouse is an ideal foundation for Matexi's recruitment strategy

‘Everybody deserves a great place to live’. With this philosophy in mind, Matexi has spent the past 75 years building and selling liveable homes in pleasant environments. From ’t Groen Kwartier in Antwerp and the Lamot site in Mechelen to the Vier Fonteinen project in Vilvoorde, examples of Matexi's contribution to a better quality of life in neighbourhoods and cities can be found all over Flanders.

Urban reconversion has become a new priority for Matexi over the last 10 to 15 years. However, this discipline requires new skills. The talent required can be found in a specific niche of highly qualified people, one of the reasons why the company has focused on employer branding in recent years. And the strategy has paid off, as the number of CVs submitted has noticeably increased. A partnership with the CVWarehouse recruitment platform was established back in 2008 to optimise the management and use of these CVs. This partnership is still going today, to everyone's satisfaction.

Florence Santens, HR Business Partner at Matexi, believes that one reason why the partnership is so successful is surely because it is so easy to use. “Few software programs or platforms are as user-friendly and intuitive as CVWarehouse. New colleagues who have never worked with the platform before tend to get up and running quite quickly. And you can usually find an e-learning video online for things they don’t get the hang of right away. Not only is this very pleasant, but it also contributes to our productivity.”

“A custom platform”

The ease of use is increasing year after year, partly thanks to customer feedback. Florence adds that this is one of CVWarehouse’s unmistakable advantages: “Thanks to their openness to listening to our concerns and requirements and their willingness to change the functionality accordingly, we have been enjoying a platform that is constantly adapting to our needs for over ten years now. As a result, it supports business processes much better. We meet at least once a year to evaluate our partnership. We often have a wish list at the ready, and it is usually taken to heart. And if we want to see something changed urgently, it gets put on the agenda more quickly. We’ve rarely had to wait more than a quarter for an important addition.”

Even minor modifications can sometimes make a significant difference, as Florence has found: “That's why CVWarehouse has made every effort to ensure that candidates need to enter as little information as possible, thanks to links with external environments such as LinkedIn. And on the employer side, the recruitment process is speeded up by the fact that the line managers can assess the CVs at the same time as HR by means of a rating system.”

Few software programs or platforms are as user-friendly and intuitive as CVWarehouse.

Florence Santens, HR Business Partner


Support above and beyond the platform

Florence adds that the willingness to tweak the platform is by no means the only way in which CVWarehouse proves its commitment to Matexi. “Because vacancies can be transferred from CVWarehouse to LinkedIn, we don’t have a direct business relationship with LinkedIn. That became annoying when we discovered one day that our vacancies were being poorly displayed on LinkedIn. As we didn’t have a direct line ourselves, the CVWarehouse team approached LinkedIn and escalated the matter to CIO level, resulting in a satisfactory solution.”

Matexi is naturally keen to continue working towards the future with a partner of this calibre. This future will also involve a lot of changes to the platform as Matexi already has a few concrete additions in mind, reveals Florence: “We still have a wish list, especially when it comes to reporting. The numbers tell the tale, and in terms of our ROI and whether or not KPIs have been achieved, we could still do with some more targeted reporting.” What about the longer term? “We won’t be the only ones doing this, but I expect that we will be able to keep or reject CVs with a simple swipe within a few years, the way it works on Tinder. It really couldn't get any more intuitive than that.”

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