Law firm Liedekerke is a fan of CVWarehouse’s proactive approach

Liedekerke can call itself the country's largest independent law firm. “Many firms that offer international law are part of a large network”, says Leïla Mourali, who is responsible for Liedekerke's HR operations together with two colleagues.

“We employ 110 lawyers and 60 support staff. Each year, we are looking for dozens of new employees. That makes a proper recruitment tool indispensable.”

User-friendly and personal

Liedekerke's trademark is its warm, friendly atmosphere. “Everyone at Liedekerke is part of one big, close-knit family”, Leïla explains. “Our law firm has a very personal vibe. The service CVWarehouse offers us ties in nicely with that. They answer our questions quickly and the communication is always cordial and personal.”

“To give an example: we wanted to cancel a profile in our CVWarehouse account, but the deadline to do so had already passed. CVWarehouse instantly proposed an alternative. They're always looking for solutions that will keep us satisfied as their customer.”

Liedekerke has now been using CVWarehouse for over a year. The team is particularly pleased with the tool's user-friendliness. “A lot runs automatically”, says Leïla. “At the start of our collaboration, we were given a thorough presentation and demonstration. That instantly made things clear. The tool is intuitive, even for first-time users.”


Unique recruitment tool

Before Liedekerke started working with CVWarehouse, the firm used its own platform, developed by an external agency. “It was quite a struggle”, recalls Leïla. “The agency specialised in software, but didn't know anything about the recruitment world. The platform also caused us unnecessary problems. Auto replies? E-mail with notification of receipt? Not possible. We had to manually update candidates about each individual step in the process.”

When Leïla found out about CVWarehouse's tool, it was like a breath of fresh air. “It just clicked with CVWarehouse. I felt the recruitment tool would be a good fit for Liedekerke. To properly compare tools, we also tested a third provider. But CVWarehouse stood head and shoulders above the rest, partly because of its competitive price and the wide range of services offered. It's also one of the only tools that focuses entirely on recruitment. Useful, because it means the platform effortlessly ensures the success of each recruitment process.”

“What really convinced us? We were comparing providers right before the new GDPR regulation came into force. CVWarehouse were extremely well-prepared and sent us all the necessary documents. That signed the deal for us.”

Thanks to CVWarehouse's reminders about new regulations, we get to sleep soundly.

Leïla Mourali, HR Legal Manager


Always up to speed

Whenever there is a change in the system, Leïla and her colleagues get an e-mail. “It's wonderful. CVWarehouse also sends us reminders when there are changes to legislation or when there's something we should do ourselves. We're not always aware of those things, so we're glad when they're proactive and contact us. It allows us to sleep soundly.”

Leïla also likes the way CVWarehouse looks to the future: “More and more candidates send in video applications these days. The system already allows for these applications. This gives us faith. CVWarehouse works hard to stay on top of new evolutions. This lets us enjoy a dynamic platform that is always there for us with advice and assistance. At CVWarehouse, they're always up to speed.”

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