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SERIS streamlines its recruiting process and strengthens its image as an employer, thanks to CVWarehouse

SERIS refers to itself as a Total Security Concept Provider. Justifiably so, when you look at the wide range of security solutions it offers: from technology for social distancing and fire detection to security for buildings, people and events, security training and much more besides. SERIS offers total security solutions for companies, government institutions and individuals.

The security sector is in a state of change, which of course has a big impact on personnel requirements. That means that recruitment has become a full-time activity, certainly for an employer that is looking for profiles like the ones they need at SERIS, says Aurore Thys, recruitment manager at SERIS Belgium. “When I started at SERIS nine years ago, I expected that I would have to post one vacancy every few weeks. But that’s not quite the way it has turned out”, she laughs. “In fact, I'm always working on several vacancies at once, especially because it's not always easy to find the right candidates. SERIS hires around 300 people every year and 2020 has been no exception, despite the unusual circumstances.”

That is why SERIS went in search of the right partner to assist them with the more efficient management of their job site and improved communication with job applicants. Three candidates remained after the first screening, one of which was CVWarehouse. “What CVWarehouse showed us in May 2018 immediately struck a chord: it had the right functionality, with the possibility to use our corporate branding on the pages, and it was also affordable, and so on. All in all, this was the best solution for our needs.”

Smooth implementation and lightning-fast follow-up

SERIS plumped for CVWarehouse at the end of 2018, and the platform went live just ten working days later. “This was down to a very smooth implementation process, and excellent communication between SERIS and CVWarehouse. Every request for adjustments or problem reports was followed up on at lightning speed. CVWarehouse also worked very hard on the integration with VDAB.”

In April 2019, six months after this implementation, Aurore Thys left SERIS to take on another professional challenge for a year. She found it a pleasure to return to her old workplace and her work with the CVWarehouse platform, but this interlude has sometimes made it difficult for her to assess the full potential of CVWarehouse, particularly because she has been working non-stop since her return. “A great many functions were added while I was away, and I've not had time to test them, so CVWarehouse is probably an even better platform than I realise”, she laughs.

Timesaving, more efficient operations and more attractive employer profile

What Aurore does realise is that she is saving an enormous amount of time in her new working environment based on the CVWarehouse platform. “The integration with VDAB alone, which means we can automatically post vacancies on there, saves at least half a day each week”, she calculates. Placing vacancies on other channels is also partly automatic. And the platform itself responds to applications in a way that still feels personal. “  All this contributes to a better image for our company as an employer.” 

What is more, the CVWarehouse platform also contributes to a more efficient and pleasant working environment, Aurore adds. “Everything is centralised, so we can find it more quickly. And my colleague can see exactly what I've done, and vice versa, so we avoid doing the same job twice.” 

The CVWarehouse environment has also caught on in other departments, continues Aurore: “Our department, SERIS Security, makes the most intensive use of the platform. But my colleague in SERIS Technology also has access to the platform and can follow up on her vacancies. In the past, we always had to act as a conduit and post that department’s vacancies for them, which was not only time-consuming but also horribly inefficient. The fact that my colleague can now do this herself is real step forward.”

"CVWarehouse is probably an even better platform than I realise”

Aurore Thys
Recruitment manager

Future intentions: make even better use of CVWarehouse 

For now, Aurore's future intentions remain limited to discovering more of what CVWarehouse has to offer. “For example, I've yet to use photos or videos with a vacancy, in order to better describe the nature of the position,” she explains, then adds with a laugh: “I think that would really enhance value, so hopefully I will soon be putting my future intentions into action soon!”