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Extended security

An ATS that allows a deeper integration with your organisation's corporate network, by introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

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Know your numbers

Measure your recruitment process with advanced reporting and precise analytics.

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Integrated Online Video Calls

Work remotely, collaborate with your colleagues and interview candidates together with CVWarehouse Meet online video solution.

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Multi-post your jobs

You can post your jobs on your own website and intranet, and to 40+ external jobsites.

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Attract talent with the power of your brand

Leverage the power of your brand with all the employer branding features of our ATS.

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Be GDPR Ready

Be GDPR compliant, allowing you to setup all legal rules that the regulation requires.

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The ATS that makes recruitment easy

Take complete control of your recruitment processes

  • Make the most of an intuitive, feature-rich and web-based recruitment tool
  • Engage the best talent by leveraging your employer branding
  • Customize your application pipeline and have a complete overview of your entire recruitment
  • Keep a single candidate record with all the activities and history, saving lots of time
  • Re-use your own candidate database with advanced searches and talent pools

Measure your recruitment

Drill-down into your recruitment with the proper reports & analytics

  • Get to know your recruitment performance with our free 20+ reports
  • Customize your own dashboard
  • Measure external job board performance
  • Integrate Google Analytics on your job postings to measure your advertisement reach
  • Have specific needs? Tell us what you need and we develop a custom report for you


Brand your jobs

Stand out in the war for talent with the strength of your employer brand

  • Customize the contents and layout of your mail messages
  • Communicate easily and fast with hundreds of candidates
  • Have your careers page/job site reflect your culture, by using APIs, video integration, pictures... 
  • Include recruiter information on each job posting
  • Keep candidates up to date with your latest opportunities by allowing them to subscribe tojob alerts
  • Engage the potential of your team’s networks with easy job sharing on social-networks
  • Special access for Marketing & Communication users (without access to private data)

Collaborate with your colleagues

Get the best of your team with our collaboration-oriented features

  • Have all your team members work in the same database with our multi-user platform
  • Create notes, share candidates and reviews, manage to-do lists
  • Collect candidate feedback and ratings from your colleagues
  • Schedule interviews with team members
  • Keep all recruiters up to date with notification

Multi-post your job

Reach a broader audience with our multi-posting feature

  • Publish your jobs on your website or careers page
  • Post your jobs to 40+ external job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • Adjust your job settings to suit each job board
  • Share your open positions directly with your recruitment partners or agencies
  • Use custom SEO settings per job so that the jobs are found easier and faster by candidates

Be GDPR Compliant

Make sure your recruitment is GDPR proof

  • Let candidates read, update and delete their own data
  • Keep track of the lifecycle of the different versions of your Terms & Conditions
  • If you have a retention period, set it up on our ATS and let the process run automatically
  • Work towards your e-mail system certification with our custom SMTP settings
  • Securely share candidate data with other HR or ERP software using our PUSH systems or HR-XML enabled APIs

La Lorraine Bakery Group

Sarah Geeroms

LLBG (La Lorraine Bakery Group) is a family business with more than 80 years of experience in the milling and bakery sector. With their headquarters in Belgium, they bake their products at 12 different bakeries and deliver them to more than 30 countries. Year in, year out, more than 4,000 enthusiastic employees generate healthy growth figures. They help LLBG in their pursuit of the best quality and product innovations, and in their long-term vision of conquering international markets as far away as South America and the Middle East. 

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Niels Vrijsen

Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen (ZNA) is the largest healthcare organisation in Belgium, with three general hospitals, seven-day centres, six specialised hospitals, one psychiatric nursing home and one residential care centre. In 2020, ZNA had approximately 2,500 beds and over 41,000 people were hospitalised (for overnight stays). Furthermore, over 61,000 patients received treatment at day clinics. There were also almost 500,000 outpatients. For this, ZNA employs around 6,550 people in a wide range of positions, including 600 doctors.

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Jorn Verhelst

The car group Cardoen is renowned as a new and second-hand car dealer with spacious showrooms across Belgium. In recent years, the company has mainly focused on opening several new branches in Wallonia. Since its takeover by the French company, a daughter company of Stellantis, online sales have also risen sharply.

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Daniel Florêncio

From 2 ambitious founders in 2014 to 22 stores and over 160 employees in 2021, that is, in a nutshell, the success story of Portuguese footwear retailer KICKS. The initial ambition of opening ten stores in ten years’ time has grown with the company’s size: KICKS now wants to become the market leader in Portugal, and already aims for an international expansion.

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Aurore Thys

SERIS refers to itself as a Total Security Concept Provider. Justifiably so, when you look at the wide range of security solutions it offers: from technology for social distancing and fire detection to security for buildings, people and events, security training and much more besides. SERIS offers total security solutions for companies, government institutions and individuals.

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