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Free iframe integration

Free iframe integration

Our free iframe is a mini-jobsite that your webmaster can easily integrate in the existing job pages of your website.

  • Free - included in the use of the ATS tool
  • Adaptable - organize per department, brand or locations, all listed or filtered
  • Customizable - chose your own company's colors and images to personalize
  • Plug & play - ready to use in just a couple of minutes

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Want to personalize even more?

Our free jobsite options are ideal to start with as they can be set up quickly, but our IT & Design team can also customise the look & feel and job structure of the iframe to your choice, using your corporate site’s design for a seamless integration.

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Kinepolis Group

Martine Kestens

The Kinepolis Group’s network of cinemas in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland offer modern entertainment to all generations. Spanning across 5 countries, the group of 23 cinema complexes, consist of 317 rooms and attracted 21.3 million visitors in 2011.

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Brussels airport

Johan Bockstaele

Brussels Airport is an international airport 6 NM northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In 2014, almost 22 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 23rd busiest airport in Europe.

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