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OZ Testimonial

A global approach in the health care sector.

In the past ten years, OZ has chosen a global approach, and has evolved from a mutual sickness insurance fund to a health fund. The motto “prevention is better than cure” in mind, the organization positions itself as a health coach.

This is clearly apparent in the services OZ has on offer and which rest on four pillars: OZ Health, OZ Holidays, OZ Vitality and OZ Comfort. Through these pillars, members are offered reimbursement of pharmaceuticals and doctors’ fees, the possibility to book holidays, nutritional and exercising advice, and domestic assistance services.

OZ mainly focuses on a personal service delivery, an open and transparent mode of operation, and a pluralistic approach. Moreover, the organization also sets great store by professionalism, quality and entrepreneurship.

Employee = ambassador

OZ employs about 1200 people, of which 450 are office staff and 750 provide domestic assistance services. As government compensates much of the cost of domestic services for its users, the demand for such services continues to increase. To meet this demand, OZ intends to hire more than 200 new staff in 2012. The organization is also in search of some twenty office staff to fill vacancies ranging from maintenance worker to business intelligence expert.

An De Bel, Head of Talent Management at OZ, explains: “Aside from having to have substantive skills, potential employees are screened for qualities such as stress resistance and flexibility. They have to subscribe to our values, which are expressed as being part of a larger entity and being a team player, being focused on achieving results, investing in the future, being open to change and believing in resilience, and a readiness to commit. Increasingly we find that candidates come to us exactly for this reason and for the values of OZ.”

In search of a worthy successor to its own recruitment website

In the fall of 2011, OZ decided to do away with its own recruitment website. This was also the right moment to assess what extra opportunities could be gained from recruiting online. While the initial focus was on finding a successor to the previous website, it soon emerged that extra services such as reporting were difficult to obtain.

Eventually, OZ chose CVWarehouse. The main advantage was that the health fund could integrate CV Warehouse in its own website, maintaining its own corporate identity. Moreover, it turned out that it was very easy to link through to the official job mediation services, with which OZ cooperates on a regular basis.

“As the platform has only recently been implemented, we still do too many things the same way as before. But we firmly plan to assess in the months to come how we can utilize the platform more purposefully, in order to render our processes even more efficient. And looking back on the cooperation we have experienced with CVWarehouse in these past months, I am convinced that they will support and assist us in this goal”, concludes An De Bel.

“In everything we do, we strive to be professional and to offer our clients the best possible services. One of the ways in which we do this is by moving services online, which is something we also wanted to do with our recruitment. Our ambition for our new recruitment site was that it would offer more possibilities than the previous website, and also that its administration would be simplified. CVWarehouse certainly answers to these needs.”

An De Bel
Former Head of Talent Management