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Profitable solution to structure their recruitment process

CVWarehouse in a nutshell? An on-line recruitment platform through which candidates can submit their CV and motivation letter in a simple and fast way. Companies build a large database in which they can streamline their recruitment process. When we receive candidate applications, we now collect and manage them in one central database. The career section of our website has been coupled to the CVWarehouse platform for that purpose. Simple and efficient. Whoever applies with Intrum Justitia is immediately available for follow up in our own CVWarehouse database, explains Ine Peetermans, HR Manager at Intrum Justitia.

“Software and a service”. That is CVWarehouse’s credo. “Entirely so”, confirms Peetermans. “Not only do they deliver an excellent service, CVWarehouse staff always lends a listening ear whenever we have questions or remarks. They always react promptly to any issue. Just recently, we changed our corporate identity completely. The changes to our website implied some adaptation to the platform they offer us. Well, this change was performed in a blink of an eye. Top notch service, indeed.”

Ready made

Intrum Justitia has been working with CVWarehouse since January 2006, as one of the earlier customers. The implementation went swiftly. “As a matter of course”, reacts Inge Geerdens, CEO of CVWarehouse. “We offer a ready to go, centrally hosted web solution to organizations and companies. Why invest in made to measure, expensive servers and ditto maintenance contracts? CVWarehouse is accessible to everyone, from large multinationals to small and midsize organizations.”

“CVWarehouse absolutely delivers a profitable tool”, says Ine Peetermans of Intrum Justitia. “The initial investment is minimal and you get a lot in return.

Before we worked with CVWarehouse, candidates reached us through all kinds of channels. Via mail, fax or email, received by different people and departments. That made any form of structured approach almost impossible. OK, we kept all CVs and motivation letters on paper and on file in some cabinet, but I do not have to explain how inefficient this was.”

With the use of CVWarehouse, the recruitment process of Intrum Justitia runs faster, smoother and more organized. “As candidates apply with us now, we have all relevant documents in our CVWarehouse database. This allows us to inform each candidate immediately. Nobody is forgotten anymore. People appreciate that. We involve them closely with each step in the process and always provide them with the necessary feedback. This shouldn’t be less than normal in a recruitment process, should it? And, on top of that efficiency, Intrum Justitia gets a good reputation with candidates.”

“Next to streamlining your processes, one continuously builds a good database of talent, which you can browse at times when you are looking for that odd profile. CVWarehouse offers extensive and wide search criteria and filters to help you find the right person. ” At this moment the Intrum Justitia database contains 550 CVs. “A useful source of information,” recognizes the HR Manager.

“CVWarehouse also proves to be very easy to use”, continues Ine Peetermans. “The platform is self-explanatory, you really do not have to be an IT geek to be use it efficiently. Moreover, new features and applications are added continuously. They have recently expanded the reporting and analysis tools considerably. Handy to measure the impact of a certain vacancy’s advertising campaign, for example.”


Such ads, Intrum Justitia mostly places on various job sites. “Only rarely do we use the known printed media.” Intrum Justitia is quite e-minded. “Another reason for choosing CVWarehouse, soon we will launch a separate job site that will be integrated into our regular website and the on-line CVWarehouse recruitment platform. In short, we try to innovate and automate our company processes as much as possible as long as the quality of each process is guaranteed, we can.”

Intrum Justitia is mostly searching for call center-operators, commercial profiles and case managers. “The longest turnaround we know is in hiring commercial profiles”, according to Peetermans. “To my observation, this is becoming a bottleneck profession. The search process for sales colleagues is by all means a cumbersome one. Good to have a tool like CVWarehouse in such times: as soon as a candidate comes in, we can act immediately.” Intrum Justitia has on average 20 vacancies to fill each year. “With fluctuations year on year.” At this moment some 130 people work in the Belgian branch of this Swedish services group.

“At Intrum Justitia, you work in a fascinating and international environment.” indicates Peetermans. “Moreover, the majority of our employees are in their twenties and thirties, which contributes to a young and dynamic atmosphere. But hard work needs to be done, for which we set clear targets upfront that need to be achieved. Everyone has a bonus plan and is paid according to performance. Exceptional achievement is met with considerable reward.”

And the future? “Looking bright”, the HR Manager assures. “The forecast predicts growth, growth and growth again. For our business there is even no disadvantage in a declining economy. On the contrary, an unstable economy inspires enterprises to professionalize their debtor management. And that is where they find us. But also in economically stable times, companies demand our services. Everyone likes their invoices to be paid on time.”

“CVWarehouse proves to be very easy to use. The platform is self-explanatory, you really do not have to be an IT geek to use it efficiently. Moreover, new features and applications are added continuously.”

Ine Peetermans
Former HR Manager at Intrum Justitia.