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CVWarehouse Free Trial Terms

CVWarehouse Free Trial Terms

Welcome to the CVWarehouse free trial terms and conditions. By subscribing to CVWarehouse Tryout, you also agree to these free trial terms and conditions (For our general terms and conditions, click here).

A. The free trial is for companies only

The CVWarehouse ATS (3 Months) free trial is for companies and organizations only. You can only subscribe to this free trial if you?re legitimately interested in testing our products for your company or organization. Your company or organization must have a legal form. CVWarehouse does not support or allow an individual person to try out our products. If CVWarehouse detects you are not using our try out as a company or organization, CVWarehouse can disable your free trial account immediately. Also,?any abuse of our try out?will lead to immediate legal action from CVWarehouse.

B. You have 48 hours to link with your own website

Once you create your try-out account, you have 48 hours to link your company?s website to the job page of CVWarehouse. You do so by including the link or IFrame that we provided in the jobs/careers page (or similar pages) in your company?s website. You must also remove any existing jobs listings, descriptions, application forms or application email addresses from your page. You can add all this information in CVWarehouse ATS, using the try out user credentials that you received. Everything will then appear online through the link you made in your own website. This way, your candidates will be redirected to your company?s job page and you?ll start receiving applications right away. If these two conditions are not met, CVWarehouse can disable your free trial account.

C. Improper use of names, brands, image or similar

We trust you. But CVWarehouse is very careful towards candidate privacy and the perception on the market. You must create a legitimate (and existing) company free trial account. If CVWarehouse detects that the data you provided ? in the form of text, images, logos, etc. ? is improper or misused, CVWarehouse will disable your account. If you pass on or share your login information to a third party for any reason that is in conflict with the CVWarehouse product or services, sharing any kind of proprietary, confidential, functional, operational, content or visual information to third parties, CVWarehouse will close your login immediately and is allowed to charge you an indemnification fee.

D. Updates to these or other terms and conditions

CVWarehouse reserves itself the right to change these free trial terms or other terms and conditions without prior notice.

E. Continuation of using CVWarehouse's software and services

Unless otherwise agreed, if your website is still linked to the CVWarehouse ATS and/or if you are still logging in to the CVWarehouse ATS once the 3 month trial has ended, CVWarehouse reserves the right to start invoicing the ATS user license on a monthly basis for services delivered until receipt of the contract or until the link between your website and the CVWarehouse ATS has been removed.