More efficient recruitment at Ubiway Retail thanks to CVWarehouse

Finding candidates who want to run their own shop on a self-employed basis is the challenging task faced by Ubiway Retail, the company behind Press Shop, Relay, Hubiz and the Hello! shops. New shops open regularly, meaning that the quest for managers is never-ending. This is why Ubiway Retail was looking for a way to work more efficiently, keep track of everything and generate simple reporting. It found all of this at CVWarehouse.

Vicky De Roo, HR Manager at Ubiway Retail, explains: “We regularly look for new self-employed entrepreneurs to run our shops. In the context of today’s labour market, that is not always a simple task. What’s more, we often attract candidates who are up for the challenge but who don’t yet have self-employed status. We try to inform them as fully as possible about how to take that step in their career.”


“Being self-employed does not suit everyone. As a self-employed shopkeeper, you need to be capable of running a business, with all that that entails, such as hiring and managing staff, taking care of administration and organising everything efficiently.”

And yet, in comparison to a more traditional franchise concept, it is relatively simple to start up a shop with Ubiway Retail. “Ubiway Retail covers the basic costs such as rent, shop fitting, stock purchasing, expenses and technical maintenance. So self-employed people who want to get on board do not need to make any investments themselves. We do ask for a deposit: the precise amount varies from shop to shop, depending on the shop size and stock value.”Ubiway Retail gives self-employed entrepreneurs the best support possible, including a contact centre that offers first-line support. In addition, a District Manager visits every shop regularly to offer advice. “We also give self-employed entrepreneurs as much support as we can with their bookkeeping. However, our self-employed shopkeepers are obviously in charge of their own shop and take commercial responsibility for it.”

Work simplification

In a short period of time, Ubiway Retail’s recruitment process has been greatly simplified. “When I started here at the beginning of this year, we were using Microsoft Excel and Outlook to manage recruitment. This way it was not easy to keep track of things, let alone provide the management with regular, high-quality reporting on the state of affairs. Fantastic work was being done with the tools available to us; the only problem was that these tools were not optimal.”

“Implementing CVWarehouse actually went very smoothly, thanks to its plug-and-play approach. It is a very flexible and user-friendly system that you can fully configure yourself according to the different selection steps you need. It does not require any IT support. That’s why it’s so attractive to us: we need that flexibility because the process that we use is nothing like the recruitment process for salaried employees, for example. You can get started with the tool immediately and refine the setup during the implementation process. You control everything yourself. And the best thing about it is that everything is paperless. Since we’ve been working with CVWarehouse, we’ve thrown away two containers of paper.”

The support framework was also very important. “The active support offered by the CVWarehouse team is a huge advantage. Even though we were in control of setting up the tool ourselves, we could always contact CVWarehouse with questions. They help you to think your project through and offer tips on how to go about it.”

The active support offered by the CVWarehouse team is a huge advantage. Even though we were in control of setting up the tool ourselves, we could always contact CVWarehouse with questions. They help you to think your project through and offer tips on how to go about it.

Vicky De Roo, HR-manager


Adjusted procedures

Ubiway Retail only discovered CVWarehouse fairly recently, but Vicky De Roo had already been a customer for some time. “At my previous job we started working with CVWarehouse after conducting thorough research. I approached them again this time for Ubiway Retail because the system is very user-friendly, as well as being GDPR-compliant by design, and the cost is manageable for smaller organisations. There are no major implementation costs because it is plug-and-play. Furthermore, because it is so simple to work with, you don’t waste a fortune on a learning or development program. It’s also useful for us that we can adjust the process flow to each vacancy. All vacancies are different, and each recruitment process requires a specific approach.”

In any case, Vicky De Roo believes that the investment has paid off. “Communication with candidates has become much simpler. We no longer need to search through Excel lists or mailboxes. For example, we have now developed a customised report with CVWarehouse that we can send through to the management at the touch of a button.”

But the benefits go much further than this. “Thanks to CVWarehouse, we can formulate clearer action plans. During the selection processes, we receive a great deal of data from candidates and we also collect a lot of data internally. Now that we are able to access the data in a clear and comprehensible way, we can carry out better analyses. This enables us to shorten lead times and give high-quality feedback to colleagues in the business, for example about the reasons why a candidate sometimes pulls out, in order to learn from it for the future.”

“At the moment, we are looking at whether the tool could also possibly be used at Ubiway Group level to recruit our own staff. This would be possible because the tool allows you to create separate entities with separate access rights for each entity to guarantee optimal confidentiality. In other words, we are a very satisfied customer.”

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