CVWarehouse helps Lunch Garden grow and thrive

The transformation of Lunch Garden started nine years ago, with the appointment of the new CEO, Annick Van Overstraeten. More than 70 restaurants were given a full makeover, with new interiors and equipment. This boosted the image of Lunch Garden, which, in turn, increased the turnover and drove further growth. “It’s true, we’ve come a long way, from a different era almost”, says Marleen Van Daele, Recruitment & Development Manager at Lunch Garden. “Our recruitment process was also quite archaic. We didn’t have a system; everything was done via email. We did try to organise incoming job applications and CVs in a logical manner in our inbox, but, needless to say, there was still scope for errors. Faxing was also still very common. CVWarehouse enabled us to modernise our recruitment process.”

Lunch Garden and CVWarehouse first joined forces eight years ago. CVWarehouse supported the entire transformation of the recruitment process. “Their platform has allowed us to properly structure our recruitment flow”, Van Daele explains. “It’s very easy to search for things in the system. You can track everything and carry out plenty of analyses. You can draw up reports automatically, for example. Now we really have a well-oiled organisation that is also GDPR-proof. That’s something we lacked in the past.”

Regional approach

Van Daele particularly appreciates the ease of use of CVWarehouse. “The tool is very user-friendly. For example, it’s very easy to copy job profiles. After all, we don’t need 25 different profiles. A restaurant manager for the Ghent region, for example, calls for the same profile as one in Bruges. We need to be able to organise the profiles and job applications per region. A very practical system is a must. CVWarehouse ticks all the boxes.”

In fact, especially given the new growth of the restaurant chain, CVWarehouse has become a vital recruitment partner. “We reinvented ourselves and are in constant evolution", Van Daele explains. “As well as the self-service formula at the Lunch Garden restaurants, we have also launched Bistro Garden, a bistro formula with table service. We are opening restaurants in hospitals and museums too, and are looking into home deliveries. As you can tell, we are strongly diversifying our offering. Needless to say, that requires additional staff. Every year, we need to fill over 400 positions to meet the requirements of our different branches and formulas.”

That is quite a challenge, but thanks to CVWarehouse Lunch Garden manage to get all those positions filled. “It is difficult to find suitable candidates for work in catering”, Van Daele says. “In the past, employers had plenty of choice, but things have changed. Many jobs in catering have become so-called bottleneck professions. But thanks to the CVWarehouse platform we can post our vacancies on various channels with just a single click, such as VDAB,, CVWarehouse’s own website, and so on.”

CVWarehouse had enabled us to modernise our recruitment process.

Marleen Van Daele, Recruitment & Development Manager


Instant reply

Van Daele is also extremely satisfied with the service provided by CVWarehouse. “If you have a problem, you can email or quickly ask your question in the chat window on their website. That allows you to continue working while waiting for a reply. In 90% of cases, your problem is solved very quickly. In any case, you are guaranteed an instant reply. Moreover, if you have any recurrent queries, CVWarehouse proactively adjusts the system for you. Every now and then a pop-up window appears on the platform with an instructional video on the new features. Very handy.”

You also have a single contact person, which Van Daele sees as an advantage. “If you have major issues, that is the person to turn to. Once a year, your contact person comes over to give an information session on the implementation of the new features.”

Van Daele absolutely sees CVWarehouse as a partner with added value. “I’ve recommended their tool to other companies too. CVWarehouse has allowed us to build up a database of 15,000 candidates in recent years. No other tool can beat that.”

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