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CVWarehouse is helping Bank Degroof Petercam with efficient recruitment

At the brokerage firm Degroof Petercam, over 1,370 financial experts offer the best possible service and advice to their clients on a daily basis. In order to keep providing its growing number of clients with the best possible service, the bank is constantly looking for staff with the right (and sometimes very specific) profiles. CVWarehouse helps the Talent Acquisition Team at Degroof Petercam to fill the large number of vacancies in good time, whilst simultaneously increasing brand awareness.

The merger of the banks Degroof and Petercam four years ago also had consequences for the HR department of the merged bank. A large number of new staff had to be recruited and the entire recruitment process required modification. “The aim was to insource the entire recruitment process. From now on, we no longer wanted to use recruitment firms but to ensure that all recruitment was dealt with internally”, explains Talent Acquisition Manager Caroline Wouters.

“The main challenge was and remains filling the large number of outstanding vacancies”, says Nora Mrabtifi. She is a Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Degroof Petercam. “For example, we are looking for private bankers for the offices we will be opening. We often need analysts too. In the recruitment arena, we also want to be able to offer timely and appropriate support for the imminent transformations in various departments. As a result of the merger, the structure of several departments (such as IT, finance and private banking) will need to be changed. At the same time, we wish to improve our market positioning as an employer and increase our brand awareness as a result.”

CVWarehouse is helping the bank to achieve these goals. “Not only does the entire recruitment and candidate management process take place via the platform, but the tool also makes it easy to publish our vacancies on job sites, LinkedIn and other social media”, says Caroline. “A single tool gives us everything we need.”

“The major advantage of CVWarehouse is that you can do everything from a single platform”, confirms Nora. “It gives you a quick overview of the candidates and their profiles. You can easily change the content of the vacancies or add something. For example, we can add the level of a position, or even modify the feedback template messages to suit specific positions. Another practical benefit is that we can allocate each vacancy to a specific recruiter, making it quick and easy for them to find the vacancy in the system and process it further. And of course it's also very handy for us to be able to generate reports with all kinds of statistics and data. For example, it's easy to see how many staff have been recruited in one year and how long each recruitment process has taken.”

The power of simplicity

The tool's power lies in its simplicity. “It's a very user-friendly system”, explains Caroline. “Everything is really intuitive. You only need half an hour of training and then you can get started, so even trainees or temporary staff can use it. As the acquisition manager, that gives me more time to focus on strategic matters.”

Previously, Caroline's team used Excel and Word documents during the various stages of the recruitment process. “And of course that worked too, but it was a lot more complicated. The CVWarehouse platform is a breath of fresh air for our team. The tool does exactly what it was designed to do, and it does it perfectly well. I think that many medium-sized organisations are looking for a tool like this. It's much more affordable than integrated HR tools and a whole lot more reliable too. I've worked with integrated tools before at previous employers, but they were never a success. There were always bugs, documents took ages to open, things like that… It wasn't even possible to use these tools in the afternoon, as they kept freezing up.”

Outstanding service

When it comes to service, CVWarehouse also offers considerable added value in comparison to other suppliers of HR tools. “The fact that the company is based in Belgium is a huge plus point”, says Caroline. “If you call the helpdesk, it means you won't end up being redirected to India or South Africa. The helpdesk employee speaks your own language and understands all your questions. Everyone at CVWarehouse is very dedicated and customer-oriented. None of our questions remain unanswered. We are in direct contact with their staff. If you ask a question via the chatbox, you will have a clear solution to your problem within half an hour. When new modules need to be implemented, CVWarehouse employees come round to provide training. You also feel that they are extremely open to suggestions for improvement. They listen to your feedback and come up with custom solutions.”

Caroline feels that the tool is well worth the investment. “I can recommend the system to all HR professionals. CVWarehouse makes life so much easier for us as an acquisition team. We are most certainly a satisfied customer.”

“A single tool gives us everything we need.”

Caroline Wouters
Talent Acquisition Manager