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Bank J. Van Breda & Co is no bank for just everybody. The advisory bank focuses exclusively on entrepreneurs and liberal professions. By definition, they have clients who know what they want, so the bank must also be sure of itself. Bank Van Breda and its subsidiaries employ 467 people. Each year an average of 30 new employees are recruited.
Anne Wouters | Bank van Breda
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ZNA, the Antwerp Hospital Network, employs 7,000 people, including 2,650 nurses, 550 caretakers and around 600 doctors. Every day, about 7,000 patients come through the doors. With over a million consultations, lab tests and medical imaging sessions and about 75,000 admissions per year, ZNA is the largest health care provider in Belgium. This workload is also perceptible in the HR department.
Silvia Hesseling | ZNA
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CVWarehouse proves to be very easy to use. The platform is self-explanatory, you really do not have to be an IT geek to use it efficiently. Moreover, new features and applications are added continuously.
Ine Peetermans | Intrum Justitia
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Hi, I have been using this site for about a week now and I must say I am very well pleased. Of all the sites I have been using to find a job, I think this is the best one and also, it's very easy to use.What I like most, is that you can track the status of your application online instead of..
A. da Fonseca | Candidate Feedback
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CVWarehouse is our new recruitment channel and the results are brilliant! A select amount of reactions but of a great quality. Within 3 months we recruited 2 new hires. So I can only say: go ahead guys!
Wim Van Den Bossche | Jonckheere Wood
In the past ten years, OZ has chosen a global approach, and has evolved from a mutual sickness insurance fund to a health fund. The motto “prevention is better than cure” in mind, the organization positions itself as a health coach.
An De Bel | OZ
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A 'thank you' to CVWarehouse: I was able to respond to several jobpostings in a short amount of time and had my first interview request within 48h!
B. Van Cauwenbergh | Candidate Feedback
It's all about entertainmentThe Kinepolis Group's network of cinemas in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland offer modern entertainment to all generations. Spanning across 5 countries, the group of 23 cinema complexes, consist of 317 rooms and attracted 21.3 million visitors in 2011...
Martine Kestens | Kinepolis Group
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Human Relations, not Human Resources at McDonald'sAt the end of February, CVWarehouse customer McDonald's Belgium was chosen by the Vlerick Management School as "Best Workplace" of the year. That provoked a lot of reactions, both positive and negative. The ideal opportunity to take a closer look at..
Sabine Gekiere | McDonald's
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Strongest point is the reporting part. It makes you get in full control of the whole process. It makes recruitment reporting change from gut feeling reporting to hard facts reporting.
Maarten Joye |